Jill Green, M.Ed., R.Psych.

Jill Green, M.Ed., R.Psych

**Jill is not accepting new clients at this time**

Jill is a Registered Psychologist with a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology from the University of Alberta.  She has completed post-graduate training from the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education and is also a trained EMDR therapist.  Jill enjoys collaborating with individuals who seek lasting solutions to personal and professional concerns and achieving insight into the complex questions, feelings, and patterns that tend to stall health and healing.  Her clinical focus includes trauma, childhood abuse, issues of intimacy and betrayal, addictive behaviours, life transitions (new career, retirement, separation, loss) and making sense of how past events shape current functioning.

She also specializes in treating symptoms related to PTSD (sleep disorder, IBS, hyper-vigilence) from assault, motor vehicle accidents, and medical procedures such as cancer treatment and birth trauma.  Jill appreciates the challenges involved in making changes and enjoys helping clients learn to alter depressive thought patterns, handle worries and anxiety, and regulate emotional arousal.  Jill provides a supportive and direct approach to counselling, and a safe environment in which to explore, (re)discover, and grow.

Contact Jill directly at: jilljgreen@gmail.com;  phone: 780-722-7587